2 Key Tips to drive the golf ball

2 Key Tips to drive the golf ball

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  1. Kevin Richards

    The best swing instruction, period. To me, you have basically shared the SECRET OF THE GOLF SWING! I am now practicing taking small swings (hitting the ball about 50 yards out with all my clubs) and I am so convinced that these drills of hitting the ball this distance with assist me, and ingrain this movement naturally until it becomes second nature. I actually don't want to play. I want to practice until I truly don't have to think about my right arm anymore. Right leg flex, pivoting and the clearing of the left side explaination is summed up very, very well and understood. Thank you, you are the man! Kev

  2. Ezekiel 25:17

    Ya, you're right. The way he's showing it, the club is release early and kills club head speed and thus kills distance. There's a little bend in the right elbow through the swing until empact, for long lag, which then gives the explosion through the ball.

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