Best Bunker Shot Technique To Escape The Sand Trap

Best Bunker Shot Technique To Escape The Sand Trap

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  1. Tosser Jones

    Hi GG fantastic as usual. Can you advise on stance(are you lower with more knee bend?) or just normal. Also is club shaft level or slightly behind the ball?Thanks again for great series and keep producing, as you have changed my game and my handicap has plummeted from 12 to 6 in a year and I'm only 72years old so plenty of improvement still to materialise

  2. 228justaround

    I'd love to have consistency on bunker play. I watch all these vids – more pressure on front, higher back swing, vary the degree of face angle, front of stance, middle of stance….ARGH! too many swing thoughts. I'm hoping to practice some of your thoughts here to at least quiet the swing demons in my brain!

  3. brbaker57

    Thanks for this video, the bunker is my weakest and drives me crazy. About a 9 hc and if I’m in the bunker during the round, it usually costs me like 3 strokes or more. I am going to practice with the hitting the spot. You changed my swing for the better with everything else and can’t thank you enough!!!

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