Hit Your Short Irons Like a Pro

Hit Your Short Irons Like a Pro

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  1. James P

    These golf swing techniques “Jοmtοzο kaha” (Google it) go over the golf swing in terrific detail. The guide’s basis for its guidelines are the strategies and tricks of professional golf players from world events. I`ve read 1/2 of this particular book and also the ideas are fantastic. I`ve obtained 3 consecutive low 80s rounds after reading through this e-book.. .

  2. 松田もしくろす

    Clay, I am wondering something. Since the swing is an arc, and quite close to matching a portion of perfect circle, then it stands to reason that as you shift on through, that arc is moving towards the target, flattening the bottom part of the arc with respect to the ground. Kind of like a cowboy as he walks around whipping his lasso in a circle. In golf then, this arc must be close to the ground and even touching it. The divot is longer than it would be if we didn’t weight shift. But at the same time since we follow through the arc moves up just after we make contact. Is there a way to computerize the head with a red streak so that I could see your swing’s shape? And then also place a blue circle, a perfect one, superimposed over the red arc to see the difference?

  3. Michael H.

    So why am I doing full, half, or quarter swings with my wedges and they are going hard right at contact (right hand golfer)? I’m trying to rotate but I trap the ball to the ground. Now this glitch is effecting my gap and pitching wedge.

  4. thomas ross

    Here's my take on short irons, I use 2 completely different swings. With in 110 yds. I use Ben hogan method of hips present open, early wrist set, covering ball with right hand strike. For length of shot an can go up one club. The hips are eliminate in swing for single plane.

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