How To Practice At The Driving Range To Really Improve Your Golf Swing and Scores

How To Practice At The Driving Range To Really Improve Your Golf Swing and Scores

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  1. Geep1778

    I hit every club in the bag starting from wedge or 9 through driver. Small bucket bout 70-90 balls so I don’t lose focus or pick up a bad habit from getting bored hitting 200 balls. Less balls means less chances to hit and if you mess up you may not get too many big boy clubs shots. I don’t move up a club till I hit a few crisp straight shots in a row. If I’m on I’ll try to play w fades and draws too. Maybe some trajectory as well. I want tigers low stinger but it’s frickin hard to do lol. But all in all I just try to mix it up and mess w all types of grips and swings to really get a feel for what works for my body. Going for massive shaft lean just doesn’t go well w my swing or rather.. trying to get it throws me out of wack. Distance ain’t everything so go for consistency w strike and hitting your irons to the same yardage every time. Sorry to babble lol but hopefully a new comer can learn from my mistakes or advice.
    And oh yeah it’s very important to have your wrist flat or a lil Bowed at the top of ur backswing no matter how you get their. Set that before you swing and I guarantee more straight shots!!! That was my game changer and I always go back to it when I’m off my game…

  2. frank frank

    I only strike my current clubs on the course and use retired clubs at the range. My clubs won the most pro championships 10 years ago. They've kept me a 12 handicap with some glorious, pure, planned shots along the way. Regrip every year and use headcovers.

  3. Mike Smith

    Alex, one thing I like to do is practice say with about half the number of balls and then change it up. The method I use will be to play an imaginary round on a course. Hit driver play your second. If you think you would have missed the green then play a chip shot. Just keep doing this. It really focuses the practice and you feel similar pressure to the on course situation. If you do hit a poor shot you have the opportunity to try and correct it and replay the shot. It can also help you formulate course management strategies.

  4. Orlando Taylor

    Hi great vids. When you swing into impact should i be using a under arm action with my right hand or a side action if you get my drift. Im confused if i should under arm or side arm through impact. Could you do a slow motion video from behind. Cheers Orlando. Gold coast. Australia.

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