Jordan Spieth: The Natural

Jordan Spieth: The Natural

In his young career, Jordan Spieth has been one of the most impressive players in golf as he makes his imprint on the PGA TOUR. . SUBSCRIBE to PGA TOUR …


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  1. Darren Tracy

    He's already a 2 time major champion at only 22 years old, he seems ahead of his time.. He's currently leading the 2016 masters shot a 66 in the 1st round, and is -6.. The 1st player since jack nicklaus to be leading the 1st round as a defending champion.. Equaled tiger woods record of 72 n 1997, n the second youngest US open winner.. Exciting times ahead, the world of golf hopefully n could have a another dominator

  2. kevin shirley

    i did some drugs an life is better but no one is as or was as dominaate as tiger i use ti kive watching him control the game speith is not super human as seen today that god u dont have a 100 in hun everyones has a lucky round or two thw golf channel is looking for someone to pump srry speith hopefully this is motivatin and if i was gay id def do u but not even close to dominate i remember when we all use to wait anxiously for phil to f#ck up come back tiger im going golfing tomo and im shootin 79 speith im comin be king then get annoited

  3. TheMicky53

    The big advantage Jordan has is that he is grounded, has great support from friends and family, not to mention his natural athleticism. I believe that if he stays cool, calm, and collected, he will continue to win in a big way. I would like to see Rory hang on to #1 for a while longer, but if not, Jordan's the man.

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