Michelle Wie: 3 Swing Thoughts for Better Drives

Michelle Wie: 3 Swing Thoughts for Better Drives

2014 U.S. Women’s Open champ Michelle Wie shares three things she focuses on to improve her drives. Subscribe to our channel for more Golf videos: …



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  5. Damien Wyer

    It might just be modern day Golf, but your stance is far too wide and in most people, this will set up a flat swing. The coil you speak of looks restricted by the stance and your most common miss hit is a block as a result. It looks unbalanced and awkward.

  6. James Moeller

    What is most impressive about her swing to me is the follow-through. Look where her clubhead is at the end of the Swing! It is pointing towards the target. You have to coil your body a lot to get that right. Thank you Michelle, please do more of these tips (to my fellow males, stop thinking with what's between your legs and think with what is between your ears. Michelle makes a lot of sense).

  7. vito marioni

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