The Best Golf Hybrids 2013/2014

The Best Golf Hybrids 2013/2014

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  1. V8Villan

    Hi Mark, I find your vids great and was really pleased to see my favourite club as your number 1 slash 1 club, I'm a high handicap player but can hit the g20 200yds off the fairway and straight which is a fantastic feeling, thanks for all the work you put into these vids, all the best, carl

  2. Tom Donnelly

    If you want a hybrid that will amaze you, go find a Nike VR_S (pre-Covert) hybrid. Especially the 4h. I've tried lots of hybrids, including Covert 1.0 & 2.0, Adams, TaylorMade, and nothing even comes close. Super easy to hit and monster long.

  3. Dave Hall

    Bought the PING G20 20 degree on your recommendation and it lives up to all the hype. Can't go wrong with it. Just as easy to hit out of long grass rough as it was off the fairway. Made the green at 215 yards after a bunker shot to par the hole and save the day – Love it!

  4. Brandon Sweeney

    How do you feel about the Adams Idea Super LS XTD?  I've playing it for about a year now and just love the feel and distance.  I use a 19 degree and get almost the same distance out of it that I would do with my 3 wood (also from Adams, Speedline Super LS XTD 15 degree).  Would love to know your thoughts.

  5. gmoz99

    for someone who hits my long irons well I don't depend on my hybrid so much, but even if I only hit it once or twice a round I feel comfortable with it. Taylormade Rescue goes good, glad they didn't move that model on!

  6. tillsy23

    I had a crack of my mates rbz hybrid and loved it, decided to buy my first hybrid and like the idea/look/feel of the rbz stage 2, jetspeed and the sled yet I am totally confused as to which would suit a beginner more??

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