Tiger Woods’ extended highlights | Round 1 | Genesis Open

Tiger Woods’ extended highlights | Round 1 | Genesis Open

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  1. Sophia Jailbreak

    Tiger will have to pick his spots now, and use less attention on him to his advantage.

    I know dude is saying Tiger should just try and finish the year without injury and then try and win majors, but he could probably contend at Augusta this year. I mean why not?

  2. Yannih

    Where's the Round 2 Woods highlights? Not there because he played so bad and missed the cut. If he had played into contention you can bet it would be here. The PGA tour are becoming like the news media and showing what they want rather than being impartial and that sucks.

  3. Chad Chad

    Tiger got his back fixed but I think he injured his brain in the process. His shot selections and decision making is utter rubbish. He keeps swinging hard with shorter clubs instead of just hitting something that will get there. He takes irons off the tee on wide open fairways and tries to swing hard and misses the fairways still. Yet he will try and smash a driver down a narrow fairway.

    He misses on the wrong sides all the time with difficult up and downs and approaches . Does he not think through which side to miss or layup on with his caddie. Caddie needs to step up and stop being a Yes Man and actually help him navigate. Tiger needs help not someone to just agree with him. If he carries on like this strategically he will never win no matter how many rounds he will play. He also needs to stop being stubborn and swinging hard and instead just swing with control like every expert on TV and golf are saying. Stop trying to prove others wrong , Some things are just commonsense and the right thing to do. Putting also looks so weak. I just don't back him anymore. So sad because I'm such a big fan.

  4. O. G.

    Keep getting reps big cat! Everyone else out there hasnt been off nearly as long. You will get used to playing in front of supporters and hecklers again and get back to your winning ways.

  5. Munge Murphy

    Golf was created before the elastic waistband, how low or high you wear a restrictive belt or waistband could alter your centre of gravity. Hogan and Snead had very high beltlines, not sure about their whitey tighties tho. Bobby Jones wore socks to his knees. Golf Attire is fashionable but it is also sportswear.

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