Tiger Woods’ Highlights | Round 4 | THE PLAYERS

Tiger Woods’ Highlights | Round 4 | THE PLAYERS

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  2. MrElculver2424

    Swing looks so good and naturally free. That's why when it eventually all clicks at the right time in a major, it'll hold up under pressure pretty well because it's based more on his natural feels he's returned to. It's not a foreign swing mechanic that a coach implemented on him. I have high confidence in this.

  3. John Cassel

    Love it he is back!!! Don’t care what he did or does in his personal life…None of my biz. Everyone makes mistakes sum more than others but regardless it’s his life not y’all haters. Lol
    Go TIGER!!!!!!!! Make all the haters hate you even more by winnng again.

  4. Silas Leeks

    The only difference I see in this Tiger compared to the old days in that he'd go in the 60s the whole week. Will he get back to those days? Probably so. He's still working at it, but usually Thursday-Friday is like 73-72. Clean that up and we're in business. He usually makes moves when he's too far behind. We'll get there again! Looking good.

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