Tiger Woods' pre-round warm-up routine

Before every round Tiger Woods plays on the PGA TOUR, he goes through an extensive warm up routine, and we have an all-access look at how he prepares …



  1. Daniel Barwatt

    What I realized with a lot of these guys warm ups is the amount of time they spend at the putting green..just goes to show how important putting is to them and why theyre the best players in the world..the average player doesnt even spend 10 minutes on the putting green before their round

  2. Leo Chang

    Tiger's routine depends on the course and his game plan going into the day… for example, I was actually at PGA championship last year and he hit 50% less putts and worked heavily on his short game around the greens.. the was not a single chip or bunker shot

  3. O. G.

    Ok….there MUST be a HUGE GAP IN FOOTAGE… just say 51 putts to cover it up?

    Youre telling us T didnt hit one Chip/Pitch/Sand Shots at all?!?!?!?!? You list it but you didnt show it….

  4. fingersonfire4gh

    A lot of people say golfing is boring to match but let’s be honest, it’s definitely the hardest sport to play and even perfect. To perfect your drive right down the middle, to iron shots, wedge shots, sand traps, rough, deep rough, going out of bounds, water hazards, putting, downhill, uphill, left or right curve of green. I could go on. Point is, golf is tough to really be good at. Years of training and commitment.

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