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  1. Brice Blanton

    When I was still a beginner, I was able to achieve a slice and One hundred fifty yards by carrying out a normal drive. After learning these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) I now hit drives between 200 and 220 yards and occasionally longer. My handicap before was Twenty-six but it has now reached 16. You need to search it and learn now.

  2. lovetogolf

    Great tip!! My worst part of my game is the long Irons for sure. I agree with your sternum angle watched numerous video's and they say have the spine well in front of the ball at impact, which resulted in 5 D bogeys for me and 1 T bogey hit them fat and topped my Impact! Got terrible distance and never hit the ball solid. I will hit the range and get this turned around, I will keep you posted Peter Thanks!!!

  3. david hovde

    Finchy, thanks. Yesterday I had one of those rounds where I was swinging and it was ok but lost the feel for the swing.. I watched this and I was smashing the irons today with an easy swing. Sometimes the swings get complicated when you are thinking about too many parts of them.. this video got me back to the basics, I plan to watch it often and share it with my friends (not the ones I am trying to beat though)

  4. David Boddy

    Really like this video Pete, the bump the hips is the thing that works best for me, bump the hips, used it the other day and when got it right was awesome, many thanks, going to try to remember to keep doing it, just a bump to the left 🙂 And you have a beautiful swing! Keep em coming, cheers mate.

  5. ucmike11

    Another great video, Pete.  Tempo and rhythm are my downfall, I tend to have a backswing that is too quick and my hips and arms fall out of sync. When I swing nice and easy (80%) I get great results.  But the tease of more distance always comes out, and that is when I get in trouble.

  6. tillsy23

    I've only just worked out I over hit the ball on the course but stick to 80ish percent on the range though when you pull off those massive cracking iron strikes on the course at full swing it sure puts a smile on your face.
    Have to fix my over swing it's preventing progress.
    Good tips there thanks again

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