Top 3 Tips For Hitting Irons

Top 3 Tips For Hitting Irons

Here are my top three tips for hitting your irons well. Subscribe for new videos every week: ▻ Not only am I going to share 3 tips for hitting …



  1. Antonio Creswell

    Hey Eric. I really appreciate this video. I struggled with arms being straight, mostly after contact. I would flare the ball to the right sometimes….very frustrating

    I have practice with something between my arms and went from hitting my 8 iron from 150-160 yards to 170-180 yards. Good job pointing out the little things.

    Again, good video and keep up the good work!!

  2. wreckim

    Golden Nuggets….especially #2….that tip is the key for me right now…it has been for a few weeks and it keeps on paying off. I'll just add that I've been so used to trying to align the clubface with the target on my downswing for so long (decades really)…that it is an ingrained move that I must unlearn…I have to exaggerate the shallowing of the club and almost 'throw' the club way to the right of the target and my "ENORMOUS" hip turn straightens out the face with much more power when I do it right. I added "ENORMOUS" because on video I think I'm opening my hips perhaps 5 degrees more than I used to…that's all I can do right now, and I can imagine what it's like if you can get the hip rotation like Eric's….a dream…but we can all dream and try. Thanks for posting.

  3. Robyn Benwell

    Hey Eric! You’re video from yesterday helped me win my first tournament! The video was on increasing speed by improving the timing of the hips versus arms – it improved accuracy as well, thank you!!! One day I’ll have a lesson in person:)

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