Trump RUINS Golf Course And Gets Laughed Out Of Town

Trump RUINS Golf Course And Gets Laughed Out Of Town

Another failure on Trump’s business record. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below! Rick Strom TWITTER: …



  1. Andrew Hawthorne

    Trump only has Scottish blood on his mom's side. But he exhibits the temperament and character of a fascist individual. Just like he grandfather. Who came from Fascist Bavaria. Refused conscription of war duties by refusing to defend his home country. Then fled to America, illegally without documentation or legal papers. And then was forbidden from entering Bavaria. Then had his native citizenship taken from him. Trump has no character or style that represents the actual Scottish people.

  2. Mike Riggs

    My thoughts, Trump's dirty, his felonous obstruction of Justice, with help from his appointed AG Barr has helped Trump step one step closer to being our Dictator, which Trump wants, you know he's jealous of Kim and Putin who are murderous Dictators. a sexual deviant along with being a peeping tom when it comes to beauty contestants and walking in without notice in their dressing rooms. Bone spurs my donkey, then trashes American POW war hero and GOP constituent and Senator, McCain. Hires Son in law idiot who paid 600 million too much for a building and he's our United States of America's Senior Presidential adviser and ambassador to Middle east and other places and financed with dirty Russian money laundering History, bank. LOL Trump's a racist, embarrassment, tax fraud and evader, a 1.17 billion loser in 10 years, a bankruptcy pro with lots of experience stiffing contractors and suppliers. Let's talk about how much he lies? no, everybody knows that already. except trumptards.

  3. Susan Benjamin

    trump gets played by any actual businessmen abroad because all he knows how to do is bully and intimidate nobodies. and he can't even make money off of the easiest prey. laughable, pathetic, childish. are we done with him playing president yet?

  4. nigella4me

    If the Democrats don't start impeachment proceedings for both Trump and Pence, then they are allowing the Republicans to continue with their wrong doings. This leaves us to vote for an independent because I know I will NEVER vote Republican, and at the same time, how can I continue to vote for Democrats if they don't show backbone to get this sick and twisted president and his administration out of the WH? They are ALLOWING Trump to continue with his horrific behavior, lies, and cons. As far as I'm concerned, Dems are being accessories to his crimes and endangerment of our country and democracy. And Pence is NOTHING but an antiquated religious NUT!!!

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