WHAT MAKES A GREAT GOLF COURSE Mark Crossfield and the gang discuss what makes a great golf course and what you might want from your golf trips …



  1. Ian Shepherd

    i think also some cheaper courses don't have sprinklers or watered fairways and the ground gets really hard where a proper divot cant be taken which i hate…also to that point they may not have drainage systems and after rain the ground may be excessively soggy where wedge shots just drop out of the air…those things make me mad as much as other things. great vid thanks boys!

  2. Gordon Graham

    Really like Mark’s stuff and whilst the video was an entertaining watch, it was nothing to do with what makes a golf course great.

    The condition of the greens, the night out, the weather, who you are playing with all have hee-haw to do with it.

    Surely interesting holes involving strategy, great bunkering, playability for all levels of golfer and a test that involves lots of different types of shot are what makes a course great?

  3. Brad Morris

    Golf is life. Sometimes life is unfair. Some see that as a challenge and overcome it. Others complain, pick up their ball and quit. I can’t imagine Mark playing with Seve. Mark would blow a gasket when Seve hit it in a trash bin 2 fairways over, but somehow ended up dropping a roller coaster 30 footer for a birdie to beat Mark’s pat-pat-putt-putt par.

  4. Peter Edwards

    Boss video. Booze and camera's don't normally go well but smashed (pun intended) it. For me, (and my astronomical handicap) a great golf course should have a mix of tough fairways but subtle greens and manageable fairways but tough greens. Also, it's who your with that can make any course great!

  5. Scott Wooster

    On the subject, I think a lot has to do with the player's ability. I play chambers Bay a couple weeks ago because I live in the area, and I found that to be excruciating. The holes were set up nice but the greens were evil in undulation. The view is spectacular but as an amateur player I did not enjoy that course. There are some courses around my neighborhood that are a lot less Fancy sort of say. But that I enjoy a lot more because it suits my ability more.

  6. John Davis

    I live in the golf capital of the world. Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We have 100 courses in a 85 mile area. Some really nice , some just ok. Pinehurst and Harbour town are a few hours driving distance away. We have beaches and nightlife and a new Top Golf being built. I say greens and condition most important. Staff being friendly and accommodate second. Views and scenery 3rd, and layout last for me.

  7. T.A. Fossett

    I like a course that is challenging at all levels… ie, as I'm playing off an American 13(ish) at the moment, then I want to feel the same challenge (pain/joy) playing off the whites as I would off the tips. Kiawah and other SC coastal courses do a nice job with this… and I've got an in at Sea Brook, mate, for when you're next in the area!! Cheers for the video!!

  8. MB12

    Great video, don’t get the dislikes! Only been watching your videos for 8 weeks but my game is improving from your ideas of course management so thank you for that.

    On the good course question and the 3rd hole par 5, is it not that everyone has to deal with the same conditions/course make-up but the better golfers (not me) can handle it with better management? That’s golf and i enjoy most of it! Keep it up guys!

  9. Paul Strohm

    The best golf courses are open to the general public. The best golf courses have bailout areas on every hole. The best golf courses are set up so everything, both good and naughty, is right in front of the player. The best golf courses have starters and marshalls to keep the drunks off the course. The best golf courses always have tee times. The best golf courses always permit walkers. The best golf courses have patrolling snack wagons from 7am to 7pm every day. The best golf courses have hacker golf balls for sale in the clubhouse-not just Mr/Mrs Pro-V 1's. The best golf courses serve a daily $9.99 lunch.

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